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A moment with Annie Scherer

Updated: Feb 7

Read our interview with the lovely Annie Scherer, who gives the inside scoop on her becoming as an artist and her latest song "Take Me Places" released on January 29th.

Annie: My name is Annie Scherer and I’m 21 years old. I’m from Voorheesville, NY, which is a small town outside of Albany. I think of myself first and foremost a songwriter. I am constantly piecing together lyrics, and hearing new melodies in my head. It’s a gift I’ve had and cherished since I was a kid.

Gen Z Collab: How would you say your upbringing contributed to your becoming as an artist?

Annie: I grew up listening to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Nirvana and other classic rock and roll artists that my dad played for me and my sister. I value that style of music and incorporate it into my own. I was unfamiliar with contemporary artists until I got to middle school.

I also begged my parents for piano lessons, which I performed classically for 12 years before college. My understanding of classical music and my piano skills have tremendously influenced my songwriting.

Gen Z Collab: Does your love of music impact how you see the world and the things around you? If so, How?

Annie: Absolutely. Art truly lives everywhere, and I like to draw metaphors that connect our surroundings with human behaviors and relationships. I’ve become more observant and interpretive as I am always searching for new inspiration. Gen Z Collab: What would you say is the main message of “Take Me Places”?

Annie: “Take Me Places” emphasizes the idea of new beginnings and allowing yourself to be vulnerable as you seek out opportunities and enter new relationships. I wanted to capture the uplifting feeling of being free and soaring to new heights. Gen Z Collab: Is there anyone that influenced you to become an artist? (Could be a family member, friend, Celebrity, etc.)

Annie: I always knew I wanted to pursue music, but the idea of such a competitive career used to terrify me. When I was 11 years old, my aunt played Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” album in the car, and I immediately fell in love with it. The same day, I watched Taylor Swift’s “60 Minutes” interview, where she talked about her path to success, and that was it for me. I bought a guitar and started gigging just a few months later. Gen Z Collab: From your beginning of finding music to be your passion to now releasing “Take Me Places” , how would you say you have improved? Annie: I had a hard time transitioning from my identity as a pianist to a singer/songwriter. I felt that my peers didn’t accept me as an artist, and that would get to my head. Over time, I’ve grown much more comfortable and realized I could make room for both. Finding my sound has also been a process. My musical influences are broad and varied, and I had to find a center point. Producing for myself has helped me figure out my style. Gen Z Collab: Has this Quarantine period and the recent movements around the world influenced your work? If so, How?

Annie: I haven’t really written about the state of our world. I have a hard time writing about devastation too soon after it happens. However, despite the catastrophic events, the pandemic has gifted me time. I was able to produce my upcoming album almost entirely myself in a span of three months. I’m really fortunate to have found a bright side to this otherwise dismal situation. Gen Z Collab: Do you have anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Annie: Find your passion and befriend it. For me, it’s always been music. Music has given me a safe space, an outlet, and a great source of joy. I’m grateful for its profound impact on our lives and the opportunities I’ve been given because of it.

Listen to Annie Scherer's new single "Take me Places" avaliable on Amazon Music Apple Music Deezer Spotify YouTube Take Me Places

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